PUBLISHED ON 29 Aug 2015
In a celebratory and upbeat mood, the People’s Action Party (PAP) launched its 2015 general election manifesto: “With you, for you, for Singapore”, on Saturday, 29 August.

The election manifesto is presented in four official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. It elaborates on the  Party’s achievements, its ongoing tasks, Singapore’s challenges and our vision for the future.

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Vision for Singapore

“The Singapore of tomorrow will be a nation of opportunities, a jewel among global cities and above all, a City of Hope, Heart and Home for all citizens.”
This vision can only be achieved by a capable government working with Singaporeans.  Therefore, PAP Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong appealed to Singaporeans to give the ruling party a strong mandate to bring Singapore forward and make this vision a reality.

Emphasising “every vote counts in deciding the government – and the future  - we will have”, Mr Lee said Singapore’s future lies in voters’ hands.

The manifesto highlights that Singaporeans and the PAP have prevailed against the odds to get where we are today. This same can-do spirit will help us meet the challenges of tomorrow.

PAP has delivered all its promises since 2011 GE

The manifesto also notes that, the PAP has delivered on all its promises at the 2011 General Election. These include the launch of 100,000 flats, the expansion and improvement of bus and train networks, job creation for Singaporeans, job protection, wage growth for all, and help for low-wage workers.
The Government has also progressively strengthened and expanded the social safety nets with programmes such as  the Pioneer Generation’s Package, Silver Support for seniors, MediShield Life and a more flexible CPF Life, while young families have received more subsidies and grants to reduce the cost of living and raising their families. In education, pre-schools have been made more affordable, and new pathways created for young Singaporeans to realise their full potential.  

Singaporeans are involved in shaping policies

All these enhancements were the result of Singaporeans’ involvement  in shaping policies –through various channels such as Our Singapore Conversation, Meet-the-People sessions, and dialogues and forums.
The Party will continue to address Singaporeans’ concerns such as healthcare costs, housing affordability, the middle income squeeze and population issues, while not losing sight of the external challenges which will have profound impact on Singapore.

The road ahead

Turning to the future, the manifesto calls on Singaporeans to be the “new pioneers”, united, resourceful, courageous and creative.
At the launch event attended by more than 1000 supporters and party activists, Mr Lee also thanked and paid tribute to the retiring MPs for their years of dedication to serving the country and Singaporeans, and introduced the 24 new candidates fielded for GE 2015.

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