Murali Pillai
PUBLISHED ON 28 Aug 2015

முரளி பிள்ளை

Bukit Batok SMC
I am no stranger to Bukit Batok. I have been a long-time activist, serving residents in Bukit Batok for 16 years.

Through my various appointments and involvement with residents in Bukit Batok, Paya Lebar and also Aljunied, I have come to understand what a resident wants from an MP.

They want an MP who is at all times honest, responsible and accountable in his dealings with them, accessible when they need help, sincere and passionate when helping them, courageous to stand for their rights, prepared to explain the many trade-offs in government policies and capable in running the Town Council and its finances effectively. 

Above all, they want an MP who stands for the politics of inclusion and reject the politics of division. They understand Singapore's future, and their own future, depend on this. 

As Singapore changes to deal with the challenges of an uncertain world, I am determined that we continue to emphasise the politics of inclusivity and accountability.

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