Together, a New Way Forward for Singapore
PUBLISHED ON 19 Sep 2015
Singaporeans gave the People’s Action Party a clear mandate to set the path for Singapore’s continued success during the General Election held on 11 September 2015.

At an early-morning press conference after the final results were announced, Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong said the good results for PAP would not have been possible without support from all Singaporeans, across all race and age groups. The results which showed that Singaporeans understood what was at stake and appreciated the Government’s efforts in trying to secure their future, added Mr Lee.

The milestones achieved in this election include:
  • People’s Action Party received 69.o% of the overall votes
  • There is a near 10% point improvement since the 2011 GE
  • PAP won 83 of the 89 seats contested
  • PAP wrested back Punggol East SMC from the Workers’ Party

PAP’s team of new candidates led by veteran MP, Mr Yeo Guat Kwang came very close to taking back Aljunied GRC with a margin of votes close enough to warrant a recount. Secretary General Lee also acknowledged the valiant efforts of Mr Lee Hong Chuang who put up a good fight in Hougang SMC. Although Workers’ Party retained their seats in Aljunied and Hougang, Singaporean’s support for them went down in this election.

This election was also a major step forward for leadership renewal of Singapore said Mr Lee. One immediate task would be to ensure that newly elected MPs who are potential office-holders are put into positions of responsibility quickly, he said. More than half of the 83 newly-elected MPs are in their 40s or younger.

Secretary General Lee said that he wanted the fourth generation of leaders to be prepared to take over “in this term”. Therefore, he hoped a Cabinet reshuffle could be done “perhaps in two weeks’ time” ie towards the end of the month. The new team will then forge their own bonds with younger Singaporeans. Separately, in an open letter to all Singaporeans, he asked for Singaporeans’ support and invite Singaporeans to join in to build Singapore’s future together.

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