#ActionForHer is our invitation to you to stand with our women in Singapore. From 18 September 2021 to 8 March 2022, join us in this effort to support and uplift the women around us, because your action – big or small – can make a difference.

Let’s take this opportunity to question dated norms, shift mindsets, and inspire real actions in the community. Together, we can empower women to live out their fullest potential, and pursue what they want in life.

Step up. Step forward. Chip in.

What action will you take for her?

Make your Pledge now.


18 Sep 2021

PAP Women’s Wing Conference 2021: Taking action for Singaporean Women

3 min read
29 Jul 2021

Taking Action for Singaporean Women

3 min read
23 May 2021

Standing for Singaporean women for the past 60 years

3 min read


Looking for more ways to take action? Stay tuned.

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Write to us at actionforher@pap.org.sg