Ministries' Addenda to the President's Address - Ministry of Home Affairs
PUBLISHED ON 08 May 2018
Do not allow our fault lines to be exploited

Singaporeans should not allow fault lines in our society to be exploited by foreign parties hoping to further their agenda of influencing developments here. Singapore’s prevailing racial and religious harmony has led to peace, progress and stability and Singaporeans “must defend this vigorously, reject unequivocally teachings and practices that would divide us, and instead take active steps to grow our common space.”
In his Ministry’s Addendum to the President’s Address, Minister for Home Affairs, Mr K Shanmugam reiterated that it is Singaporeans to decide on the nation’s politics and policies. “We must defend our sovereign right to make choices for ourselves,” he said.
Commenting on the complexity of the security environment, Mr Shanmugam said that the terror threat against Singapore “continues to be at a high level.” Community vigilance and resilience is integral in the Ministry’s response to the terror threat. Public awareness and community preparedness will be enhanced at schools, workplaces and places of business, he said.
Technology-related crimes, drugs trafficking are the other main challenges, which MFA hopes to deal with effectively despite its manpower constraints, said Mr Shanmugam. To tackle the challenges head on, he said his ministry will “take bold and transformative steps to develop stronger capabilities, leverage emerging technology for operations, deepen the proficiencies of our officers, and strengthen laws where necessary to enhance the Home Team’s effectiveness.”
Digital transformation and robotics are two areas in which MHA will push for as these efforts will allow its officers to perform more complex and higher value-added tasks. Productivity and effectiveness will be improved said Mr Shanmugam.
Taking into consideration digital transformation and the changing operational environment, more training opportunities for Home Team officers will be made available. Service delivery to the public via more convenient e-services and platforms will be enhanced. New legislation to protect Singaporeans and to deal with security threats have been introduced. A review of the Penal Code, which will also focus on protection for the vulnerable, will be completed soon, he said.
In other community efforts, MHA will partner with the Ministry of Health to train more people in CPF and in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). The AEDs, under the Save-a-Life initiative will be installed in all HDB estates by next year. The initiative will subsequently be extended to private condominiums too. The rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders will continue to be a joint effort with the community, said Mr Shanmugam.

Photos from Minister K Shanmugam