Ministries' Addenda to the President's Address - Ministry of National Development
PUBLISHED ON 08 May 2018
Building a better Singapore for future generations

The Ministry of National Development seeks to plan and build a better Singapore, for the current and future generations of Singapore, said Minister for National Development Mr Lawrence Wong.

In his Ministry's Addendum to the President’s Address, Mr Wong said that Singapore will always be a work in progress, but homeownership will always be a key social pillar for Singapore. As the ministry tapers the building of new flats to a sustainable level, the ministry pledged to ensure that the housing needs of all Singaporeans are met, and remain affordable for Singaporeans.

While Singaporeans can look forward to the improved designs of new towns, the Ministry will continue its efforts to rejuvenate existing housing estates through initiatives such as the Remaking our Heartland programme, Neighbourhood Renewal Programme and the Home Improvement Programme.

Other than housing policies, MND will plan and build a smarter, greener and a more liveable city. More public and green spaces will be created for all to enjoy, including enhanced heritage trails and family-friendly spaces. Communities will also have more space to gather with the development of the Rail Corridor which will be linked to parks and nature areas as well as trails for Singaporeans to explore the green spaces around the island. Mr Wong added that more will be done to support the local farming sector to 'boost security and enhance our food security.'

The plans and developments for Singapore over the next few years are critical as it will set the foundation for the longer-term projects that are in the pipeline. Mr Wong explained, "Over the coming decade, Singapore will be undergoing its most extensive transformation yet. We have new and tremendous possibilities to make Singapore stand out as a leading city for Asia and the world."

With the upcoming Changi Airport Terminal 5, development of the Tuas Port and two new connections to Malaysia, these are part of the plans to expand Singapore's air and sea port capabilities, and land links to enhance Singapore's status as a regional and international hub.

Singapore will also be developing regional centres in Jurong and Woodlands, and new clusters out of the downtown core, in particular the Jurong Innovation District and the Punggol Digital District. These developments will allow Singapore to broaden its urban development, attract investments and support the creation of jobs at home.

Most importantly, in the next phase of the urban transformation, Singapore will have to work even harder to distinguish itself from other global cities, said Mr Wong. "We want Singapore to be a truly outstanding city for Asia and the world... We want to be an inclusive city for Singaporeans of all ages and abilities, a home where everyone has a place and everyone belongs," he said.

Photo from Ministry of National Development