Ministries Addenda to the President's Address - Ministry of Manpower
PUBLISHED ON 10 May 2018
An Agile workforce to move boldly forward

The Ministry of Manpower will work with Singaporeans to not only improve the workforce and workplaces but also ensure that the Singapore workforce be agile to transform and adapt to the changing employment landscape.

To sustain good employment outcomes for the agile workforce, Minister for Manpower Mrs Josephine Teo said that is important to help workers adapt and grow with the changing landscape of employment. Not only workers, but business will also have to transform and grow with the changes in the various industries, she emphasised.

The Ministry will also work towards fostering greater inclusivity in the workforce, in particular for seniors. “We will support employers to re-design jobs to make them easier, safer and smarter for seniors,” said Mrs Teo.

Those with caregiving responsibilities such as working mothers will also be supported through Work-Life-Grants for employers to provide and enhance Flexible Working Arrangements.

For Singaporeans to enjoy security in their retirement, CPF members who top-up their own and their family members’ CPF will have support to invest their savings for higher returns. At the same time, CPF Board will extend voluntary consultation service to members to all members at age 55 and 65. Mrs Teo added, “Lower-income Singaporeans will be able to build up their retirement savings through the Workforce Income Supplement scheme and supplement their retirement income through the Silver Support scheme.

She emphasised that MOM values the tripartite partnership and the relationship has to be refreshed with every generation of leaders. “With  tripartism  as  our bedrock,  we  will  nurture  an  agile  workforce  that  is  future-ready,” she said.