Ministries' Addenda to the President's Address - Strategy Group
PUBLISHED ON 09 May 2018
Tackling the challenges of today and building for tomorrow

Singapore is entering a new phase of nation building amidst a rapidly changing world, and this calls for closer coordination and cooperation across ministries, says Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo Chee Hean.

In the addendum by the Strategy Group to the President’s Address, DPM Teo, who is also the Minister-in-Charge of the PMO’s Strategy Group, said Singapore’s economy is undergoing fundamental changes, at a time when the global economic centre of gravity towards Asia.

To meet these challenges, government agencies will need to work more closely together, because solutions will require several ministries to work together. On top of that, as the government tackles the challenges today, it also needs to build for tomorrow.

Among the cross-cutting issues is Singapore’s changing demography. In the medium-term, said DPM Teo, Singapore’s ageing population presents both challenges and opportunities to sustain a dynamic economy. The slower growth of the local workforce requires the nation to press on with economic restructuring. In the long term, Singapore’s fertility rates and its openness to others who are willing and able to contribute to Singapore, will shape the society that future generations of Singaporeans will live in.

To achieve this, the government will focus on three broad strategies, namely, developing and implementing policies to enable all Singaporeans to age with purpose and dignity. Secondly, to make Singapore a great place for families, where marriage and parenthood are achievable, enjoyable, and celebrated. And thirdly, to maintain a careful balance in the foreign worker as well as immigrant flows.

On the issue of climate change, Singapore, as a low-lying, tropical island state, has to develop plans to address the impact of climate change, said DPM Teo.

“The Strategy Group will coordinate Singapore’s domestic and international actions to protect ourselves against the impact of climate change, and support international efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.”

To fulfill our commitment towards the common goal, the government will implement the carbon tax, and work together with Singaporeans as well as businesses, to reduce energy use, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gases. To this end, he said 2018 has been designated as the Year of Climate Action to raise awareness and intensify the national effort to bring down emissions and adopt sustainable practices.
Singapore will also leverage on its strengths in research, technology, and innovation to seize green growth opportunities, and will develop solutions to address sustainability challenges in our region and beyond.

“This will create good opportunities for Singaporeans and our companies, and ensure Singapore remains economically competitive, sustainable, vibrant, and liveable. Across Government, we are building from a position of strength. We will continue to plan for the medium- to long-term and lay strong foundations for our collective future. We invite all Singaporeans to join us in this journey,” added DPM Teo.

Photo from DPM Teo Chee Hean