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Let’s shape our future, together: PAP Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong

06 Dec 2015 < 1 min read

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PAP Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong has called upon Singaporeans to work together, with the government, to build a Singapore that is special; one with a bright and secure future.

Speaking at the People’s Action Party Convention held on Sunday, 6 December 2015 – which was attended by some 1,500 Party members – he emphasised the important role of the PAP government in creating a better Singapore through its proactive policies, and consultations with citizens to continue to meet the aspirations of all Singaporeans.

He attributed the impactful GE2015 results to three main factors:

  • The hard work put in by MPs and activists, even before the elections were called.
  • The PAP Government’s policy changes and plans for the future of Singapore and Singaporeans, especially in housing, transport, population and healthcare.
  • A stronger sense of identity and nationhood among Singaporeans in its Jubilee Year.

But he cautioned that although the 2015 elections results were good, the next election, GE2021, will be a new fight and that Singaporeans will judge the Party not only on its past achievements but on its future agenda too.

Mr Lee also reiterated that the dialogue with Singaporeans will continue “so that we can shape our direction for the future together.”

Emphasising the PAP Government’s commitment to the future, Mr Lee said that the sights have been set on the next milestone – SG100. Work with the PAP, so that Singapore’s future remains bright for many years to come.

Click here for the transcript of Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong Speech at the Party Convention.