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Never take people’s trust for granted: PAP Sec-Gen Lee Hsien Loong

19 Nov 2017 3 min read

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The People’s Action Party has a deep reservoir of trust with the people of Singapore and the PAP “must continue to deepen this trust, and never break it.” The trust was earned the hard way and the PAP must never take it for granted, or fritter it away. Speaking to more than 2,000 activists at the Party’s Awards and Convention, PAP Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong reiterated that Singaporean’s trust and support for PAP is integral in implementing policies that enhances the nation and that of its citizens. 

“It will not be easy to upgrade the economy, create good jobs, build world class infrastructure, prepare for an ageing society, and fund our ambitious plans,” if not for the support and trust placed in the Party by Singaporeans, he said. He emphasised that the PAP has always delivered on its promises and he called upon PAP activists to remain humble and be connected to the ground. Only by doing so would the PAP and its members earn the right to speak for and convince Singaporeans of a bright future “not with words but our actions.”

Reminding Singaporeans that the PAP cares about them, and is working to improve their lives, Comrade Lee, provided a report card on the economic, social and employment situation in Singapore. He also gave an indication of what is being planned to ensure Singapore’s long-term growth. He also promised to improve train reliability and the public transport network. Strengthening of the nation’s social resilience, namely childhood development and healthcare services will be enhanced, he promised. 

Comrade Lee also thanked the PAP activists for their tireless efforts. This year, a total of 359 party activists were honoured for their outstanding efforts and contributions to the Party and nation. 

The activists received their awards in the following categories: 

1. Commendation Medal 
2. Dedicated Service Star* Award 
3. Dedicated Service Medal 
4. Long Service Medal (Gold) 
5. Long Service Medal (Silver) 
6. Long Service Medal (Bronze) 
7. Youth Medal 
8. Women’s Medal 
9. PAP.SG Medal 

Newly introduced this year, the PAP.SG medal is awarded to activists who contribute actively and significantly in creating awareness and support for the well-being of our senior citizens. 

Party Chairman Khaw Boon Wan, in his address paid tribute to the PAP cadres and activists. He said: “You have steadfastly stood by the Party and the leadership through good times and bad. We are grateful to you for your unwavering loyalty! We are grateful to you for your selflessness, and for your commitment to the Singapore cause.” 

During the Convention, three young activists rose to spoke about their vision and aspirations for the Party and the nation. Comrade Fang Eu-Lin from Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Branch spoke about Jobs and Economy in Singapore; Comrade Asyifah Bte Mohd Rashid from Marsiling Branch shared her thoughts about Singapore’s place in the world and Comrade Jagathishwaran Rajo from Zhenghua Branch discussed the Social Compact in Singapore

Brother David Tay, a representative from the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) spoke about the special relationship between PAP and NTUC. 

This year, more than 200 brothers and sisters from the Labour Movement were invited to the Party Awards and Convention. Describing the labour movement as “a very important part of PAP’s support base” Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong said, this symbiotic relationship with the unions will be even more crucial in view of the economic disruption in the foreseeable future. 

PAP’s invitation to the Labour Movement to participate in its annual conventions and conferences is longstanding and central to the Party’s position. This relationship helps strengthens the bonds and inculcate friendship between members of the PAP and NTUC. 

This symbiotic relationship was formed in 1961 when the PAP backed the formation of the non-communist NTUC. This relationship has grown from strength to strength over the years and it has had a positive effect on Singapore’s economy, manpower sector and our workers’ lives. The peace and prosperity that Singapore has enjoyed was contributed in no small measure by our committed workforce.

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