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Advancing Singapore together

10 Nov 2019 2 min read

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Caring Singapore together

Going the extra mile is what Alex Yeo Sheng Chye and his team do at Paya Lebar to regain the residents’ trust in the Party.

At the #PAP65 Awards and Convention, Alex Yeo, Chairman of Paya Lebar Branch, shared that his team raised funds on their own for community led initiatives like GEMS (Groceries, Education Subsidies, Meal Vouchers and Seasons Hong Baos) programme to ensure that they can purchase fresh groceries that suit the needs of their residents.

“We go the extra mile to listen and help with a personal touch because we want to build a community that not only lives, works and plays together, but cares for each other, together,” he added.

By being on the ground consistently, listening, paying attention to details, going the extra mile, and caring for each other.  Alex Yeo hopes that his team could regain the residents’ trust and be given a chance to represent them again. 

Growing Singapore Together

Dr Wan Rizal bin Wan Zakariah from Pasir Ris East Branch stressed that our Government must continue to create multiple pathways for people to succeed.  

A senior Polytechnic lecturer, Dr Rizal said that our education is on the right track with emphasis on values and an environment to explore and grow, and de-emphasise on grades. He added that as Singapore progresses, education is key to uphold social mobility and minimise the effects of social stratification.

“By understanding the constraints, staying rooted to the ground and having the right policies, we can continue to shape the country and make significant changes,” he added. 

Building Singapore Together

Also taking about education, Kawal Pal Singh s/o Amarjit Singh of Kembangan-Chai Chee Branch said that our education should be inclusive to enable everyone to benefit and the sense of inclusiveness must start from our primary and secondary schools.

Mr Singh shared his personal story of how his education at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) was a turning point in his life that enabled him to achieve his dream to become a lawyer.

“ITE also gave me an education about life. It changed my mindset and taught me to be street-smart when managing stress, fears, and challenges…To me, ITE does not stand for ‘It’s the End’. ITE stands for ‘It’s Total Education’,” he added.

He encouraged Singaporeans to believe in themselves, have the right mindset and never give up in pursuing their dreams. “In life, there is no glass ceiling. The only ceiling above us is the one we put on ourselves,” he added.

Securing Singapore Together

Rachel Ong Sin Yen from Telok Blangah Branch said that Singaporeans should take personal responsibility to secure Singapore together by continuing to deepen the trust that has been built.

She noted that our leaders have made huge sacrifices to secure Singapore’s future, and in the process, they have earned the peoples’ trust.

She added that PAP activists have been helping residents to solve their problems regularly, and by being trustworthy, they are “demonstrating personal responsibility to secure Singapore together.”