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Remember SG50, keep the spirit alive

10 Dec 2015 < 1 min read

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The SG50 celebrations are coming to an end, but Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hopes that Singaporeans press on and keep the spirit going.

“This emotional year has left a deep mark on all of us, individually and as a society,” Mr Lee said on Sunday, 6 Dec at the PAP Convention held at Singapore Expo.

Whether one is a pioneer or a young student, there was a collective “moment of grief” when the late Mr Lee died and a “moment of celebration” when Singaporeans sang the national anthem and recited the pledge on National Day, he added.
“So for all of us here, because of 2015, I think we have a new consciousness; we were changed,” said Mr Lee. “As long as we live, remember this year.”

SG50 is not just a bout remembering the past but look towards the future.

This is why the Government organised The Future of Us exhibition as a capstone to SG50, said Mr Lee. There is also the SGfuture engagement series to inspire Singaporeans to talk about their shared future.

And he hopes this series of conversations will be “jump-off points” that lead to initiatives and projects in which Singaporeans will come forward to take part.

“This is the kind of society we want to build in Singapore … a democracy of deeds,” said Mr Lee, using a phrase coined by founding Cabinet member S Rajaratnam. By working together, Singapore will be a more united society, he emphasised.