Encouraging lifelong learning
PUBLISHED ON 05 Jul 2018
From 2019, all working adults applying for a full-time diploma programme through the Direct Admissions Exercise (DAE) will have their relevant work experience taken into account, on top of their past academic results.
Announcing this change at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduation ceremony in Ang Mo Kio on 3 July 2018, Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung noted that the current admission process for full-time programmes is still primarily focused on academic results, even though the grades were attained years ago and does not fully reflect the current eligibility of the adult applicants. As such, the polytechnics will ramp up the use of interviews and other holistic assessments in the DAE.
This, Mr Ong said, will give older applicants with working experience, but with no diploma qualifications, the opportunity to deepen their skills through formal studies.
“Even as we place greater weight on relevant work experience and performance for polytechnic admissions, we will still ensure that students are able to cope with the academic rigour of the courses they are enrolling into. Our polytechnics will therefore put in place a wider range of assessment tools to ensure that applicants have acquired the prerequisite competencies to cope with the programmes,” Mr Ong added.
Subsequently from 2020, working adults will also be eligible to apply to the polytechnics via the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE), which has so far been confined to fresh students. Mr Ong said MOE will ensure that sufficient places are provided for this additional segment of applicants.