​Ensuring accountability when using public resources
PUBLISHED ON 20 Jul 2018
The Government is firmly committed to ensuring accountability and transparency in its use of public resources, said the Ministry of Finance
The statement comes after the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) released its annual audit report on 17 July 2018, flagging out several government ministries and agencies for lapses.

In its report, the AGO said the lapses were found in four categories - contract management, IT controls, financial controls and gaps in the management of R&D grants.

Accepting the AGO’s recommendations, MOF said it is stepping up efforts to address the issues. These include improving the management of grants, improving contract management as well as strengthening IT controls.

MOF added that improving the financial governance of public agencies is an ongoing effort. “Given the size of the Public Service, human error and lapses will occur from time to time. What is important is that when these issues occur, we address them honestly, learn from them and do our best to ensure no recurrence,” the statement added.