Highlights of 2017
PUBLISHED ON 30 Dec 2017
We braved through 2017, as Singapore navigated through an uncertain global and economic landscape. There were highs and lows along the way, and here are some of the things that were highlights for the year.

Singapore’s Economy looking up, more opportunities for Singaporeans

Singapore’s GDP is expected to expand, better than the initially projected figure of more than 3% for 2017. Amidst a sluggish economic landscape, Singapore charted its third quarter growth at 4.6%, its highest quarterly expansion since 2013 and also higher than the 2.9% growth in the second quarter.

And the Ministry of Trade and Industry estimates that the total growth for 2017 will be between 3% to 3.5%, higher than the initial projection of 2% - 3%. This growth have been largely been supported by the manufacturing sector. 

Giving a positive outlook for the Singapore economy, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the PAP Awards and Conference 2017 said: “Our economy is looking up. The world economy is doing well, and we are benefitting from that. Our unemployment remains low, and wages have gone up. Most significantly, productivity has picked up. So this year, growth is good…. Restructuring the economy will take effort, and we can be sure, that it will not be a totally smooth journey. But we have done it before and we can do it again. The Government will support and help workers and companies. As long as we stick together, and make the effort, we will get it done.”

Read MTI's latest report: Economic Survey - Third Quarter 2017

Scaling up SkillsFutureSG

First announced in 2015, the SkillsFuture movement has expanded to include not only more courses, but also services to help Singaporean remain relevant in the evolving economy.

Launched in the third quarter of this year, SkillsFuture Advice is an outreach initiative to help Singaporeans explore their potential under the SkillsFuture programmes. 

A new series of training programmes was also launched this year to train 50,000 people annually in priority and emerging skills areas, which include Data Analytics, Digital Media and Cybersecurity.

Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore have also been great partners in this initiative, offering courses for adults and curating curriculum that will ensure students are equipped with knowledge and skills for the jobs in the market.                                  
More information about SkillsFuture and its programmes: MySkillsFuture 

Improving Rail Network

The Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) was officially put into operation in October this year. The Downtown line is the longest underground and driverless MRT line in Singapore. It connects the north-western and eastern areas of Singapore to the Central Business District and Marina Bay areas.

Other than the opening of DTL3, the signalling system on our rail networks is also being upgraded.

This year also saw the North-South rail line being upgraded. As a result, there were disruptions along the line as the trains and tracks had their signalling system progressively upgraded, bringing us one step closer to a world-class transport system.

More housing for Singaporeans

This year saw 26,325 public units launched for sale by HDB. This included 17,584 new BTO units, with the remaining being Sale of Balance Flats (SBF).

Furthermore, first-time owners of HDB flats will be able to receive up to $110,000 of subsidies, depending on the housing type purchased. 

In addition, Singaporeans can look forward to 17,000 new flats in 2018!


Our Team Singapore athletes continued to fly the Singapore Flag high at the 2017 ASEAN and Para-ASEAN games.
Team Singapore athletes had a best away medal haul with 16 sports winning golds, along with 15 Games records, 13 Singapore records achieved and 29 personal bests recorded.

The para-athletes also recorded their biggest medal haul with 50 medals at the ASEAN Games.
Congratulations Team Singapore!