Ingredients of success for food manufacturing sector
PUBLISHED ON 20 Jul 2018
For Singapore to become the leading food and nutrition hub in Asia, companies and businesses will have to pursue five essential ingredients for success, said by Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing.

Speaking at the launch of the new Skills Framework for Food Manufacturing on 18 July 2018, Mr Chan said the five ingredients were: internationalisation, innovate and research, pay close attention to quality assurance, collaboration and upgrade the skillsets of workers.

Touching on the final ingredient, Mr Chan noted that it is important for companies to continually invest in and upgrade the skillsets of their workers. “Investments in the “hardware” of transformation, such as new technology, can only succeed when complemented by the “software” of workers’ skills,” he said.

Mr Chan added that the skills framework is an integral component of the Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Map, as it would help to support and raise the development of workers. He also stressed that the Government is committed to supporting food manufacturing companies to deepen capabilities, overcome challenges and access new markets.