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Sim Ann – Pass-It-On

I care about sustainability. With the aim of promoting sustainability, the Women's Wing of the Bukit Timah Branch has launched the "PASS-IT-ON" initiative, by collecting pre-owned items and donating them to those in need.

"PASS-IT-ON" is designed to encourage social support and bring constituents together by actively involving them in the collection process and identifying suitable beneficiaries. The initiative highlights the importance of waste reduction, environmental friendliness, caring for others and responsible stewardship of shared resources for future generations.

The first session was held in December 2022/January 2023, where toys, books, clothes, and household appliances were collected and given away to various beneficiaries. Many constituents expressed interest in future "PASS-IT-ON" events and gave activists ample opportunities to connect and establish relationships with more constituents.

In PAP Women's Wing, we do our part in building our sustainable future through responsible stewardship of our resources, saving the Earth while bringing joy to others!

Women Branch Chair

Sim Ann - Bukit Timah Branch


• Charity organisations
• Vulnerable individuals
• Non-profit organsations who assist and care for migrant workers
• Migrant domestic workers


Dec 2022
Mar 2023