Lessons learnt from building a smart city: Lawrence Wong
PUBLISHED ON 22 Jun 2018
Singapore has showed the world that it is a credible and trusted partner and the capabilities to organise a complex operation at short notice by hosting the Trump-Kim summit, said Minister for National Development Mr Lawrence Wong.

Speaking at the Growth Net Summit in New Delhi on 18 June 2018, Mr Wong shared that Singapore has been harnessing technology to enhance urban planning, improve city management and maintenance as well as pushing for more sustainable developments and transforming a comprehensive transportation system.

In his speech, Mr Wong also shared three lessons Singapore has learnt in building a smart city.

•             Translate Smart City masterplans to concrete and tangible projects that make a positive difference to the lives of our people.
•             Coordinated and integrated implementation needed.
•             Close collaboration with the private sector needed

Mr Wong also stressed that “smartness is just a means to an end”.

Mr Wong noted that citizens are empowered to give feedback and to play a role in shaping the city through a Government-wide mobile app for municipal services, where they can easily report and give feedback on municipal issues.

“After all, cities are about the people. Whatever we do has to be centred on making lives better for everyone,” he concluded.