Let’s continue to fight for Singapore and for Singaporeans
PUBLISHED ON 31 Dec 2016
Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

In two days’ time, we will welcome 2017 together. As we count down, let us give thanks for the peace and stability we have enjoyed as a nation in the past year.

Over the years, our household incomes have also risen steadily and we have kept unemployment rates low. Although the global and regional economic growth has moderated, there are growth opportunities for businesses and individuals. To grasp these opportunities, businesses must continue to restructure and Singaporeans should continue to equip themselves with the relevant skillsets. 

In the transport sector, for instance, there are many exciting projects in the pipeline. These include Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 at Changi Airport. They will raise airport efficiency and manpower productivity, while expanding our capacity in a dramatic way. A new mega-port is being built at Tuas. It will be a port of the future, setting new standards in productivity and automation. We are expanding our rail network and raising our capabilities in rail engineering. All these projects will create many well-paying jobs for Singaporeans.

We have just signed a bilateral agreement on the High Speed Railway project between KL and Singapore. It will push bilateral relations to new heights, with win-win outcomes for both peoples.

My dear fellow Singaporeans, we have come a long way since 1965. Our pioneers had a strong, unshakeable belief that we could make it no matter what. Working jointly with the PAP government, they created a safe, peaceful and harmonious Singapore.

In the same spirit, let’s continue to fight for Singapore and for Singaporeans. Together, let’s take Singapore towards SG100.

Add your name to say that you will join us in ensuring the progress of Singapore!

Happy New Year to all Singaporeans!
Majulah Singapura!

Khaw Boon Wan
People’s Action Party