Local politics for Singaporeans to decide: Desmond Lee
PUBLISHED ON 13 Apr 2018
Minister for Social and Family Development Mr Desmond Lee has emphasised that the contest of ideas and views on Singapore’s politics should be for Singaporeans to decide.
Speaking to reporters at the sidelines of an event on 12 April 2018 (Thursday), Mr Lee highlighted that it has been a long-standing principle of the Singapore government. He added that foreign interests should not directly or indirectly try to get involved in the politics that affects the lives of Singaporeans.
“Because it is our lives at stake, our country at stake, our family, values, future at stake. It is important that Singaporeans be entirely responsible and take responsibility for our destiny,” stressed Mr Lee.
His comments come after the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) rejected an application to register the company OSEA Pte Ltd, noting that the purposes of the proposed company "are clearly political in nature" and has links to foreign funding.
Mr Lee noted that OSEA Pte Ltd had received a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI), an entity that is closely associated with Open Society Foundations (OSF), which is founded by US financier George Soros. And that OSF “has a history of involvement in other countries' domestic situations,” he said.
“It reinforces in this day and age, particularly where online falsehoods can be a tool of choice to involve yourself in other people's business, that we continue to call these out, that Singaporeans continue to stand firm that we may be a small place but we shall be in charge of our own destiny. We seek Singaporeans continued support for this principle,” added Mr Lee.