Experiencing Parliament
PUBLISHED ON 15 Sep 2018
“Will you robustly defend your stand when you’re the government, and attack the same positions when you become the opposition?”
That was the question Senior Minister of State for Transport and Communications, Dr Janil Puthucheary posed to the participants of the Young PAP (YPAP), PAP Policy Forum (PPF), Young NTUC (YNTUC) Model Parliament.
Elaborating on his question, Dr Janil, who is also Chairman of YP, said the connection between governance and politics throws up important considerations, and a critical one being political parties expected to deliver on the promises and statements they make. This, said Dr Janil, shapes the politics of the country, and the expectations of the electorate.
Mayor for Northeast CDC and Assistant Secretary-General of NTUC, Desmond Choo, shared with the participants that MPs must be mindful of the fact that the statements they make in parliament have long-term implications as they can and will be examined and challenged in subsequent sessions.
With the insights from the two serving parliamentarians, more than 60 participants started their full day session with discussions and debates on current topics.