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​4G Leadership committed to workers and tripartism

01 May 2019 2 min read

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The next generation of Singapore leaders will continue to build on the excellent ties between the labour movement, employers and the Government to create a brighter future for workers in Singapore. 

Reiterating Government’s commitment to tripartitism, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, emphasised that every worker matters and that no one will be left behind as Singapore progresses. 

Making his inaugural address at the NTUC May Day Rally, Mr Heng who is also PAP’s 1st Assistant-Secretary General, assured the audience of about 1,600, that as the leader of next generation of PAP leaders, the symbiotic relationship between the Government and the NTUC will continue “into the 4G and beyond.” 

Emphasising the importance for the PAP Government to work with the Labour Movement, DPM Heng pledged to take NTUC, workers and Singapore to the next level.

He reiterated, “All of us in the 4G team have been personally involved in the Labour Movement in one way or another…My colleagues and I recognise the importance of what we are inheriting – this shared sense of responsibility that the PAP and the NTUC owe to Singaporeans and Singapore.”

To meet the changing global landscape, Mr Heng proposed three strategies for the Government, labour movement and employers to come together to transform the economy to be future ready. The strategies are:

1. Be an active agent in the transformation of our economy
2. Prepare our workforce for jobs of the future through lifelong learning; and
3. Pursue inclusive growth. 

Mr Heng said, “To build better lives for our workers, we will have to transform our economy. Our tripartism is a key asset in this effort.”

DPM Heng also announced that there will be more support for unionised workers – a total of 80% funding support from the Labour Movement under the Enterprise Development Grant. To be eligible for this grant, companies are required to set up a Company Training Committee (CTC) and commit to increasing salaries of workers.

“It is important for companies to see workers as key partners in companies’ transformation, and to make sure their transformation efforts benefit workers,” he added.