A Helping Hand for Businesses and Workers

23 Apr 2020 3 min read


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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Singapore greatly. Businesses and workers are affected as measures are implemented to further contain the spread of the virus. While the nation learns to adapt to the new normal, the Government has introduced several schemes and grants to help sustain businesses and retain workers. We have compiled all the available help schemes in this article for your easy reference.


  • Enterprise Development Grant

This grant helps businesses grow and transform. It supports projects that would enable the business to upgrade, innovate or venture overseas. Singapore companies that are severely affected by Covid-19 may receive up to 90% maximum support level.

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  • Food Delivery Booster Package

With the Circuit Breaker measure in place, demand for food delivery is on a hike. This package encourages F&B businesses to transition from offline to online during this period, and it also supports delivery costs by funding 20% of delivery cost per trip.

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  • E-Commerce Booster Package

Going digital might seem intimidating, but help is available to ensure a smooth transition from offline to online. This package is designed to help companies sell online and reach a wider audience in Singapore and overseas.

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  • Levy rebate and waiver
    Business employers are eligible to receive a flat rate of $750 for each S Pass or Work Permit holder employee if they have paid at least up to December 2019 in full. No application is needed. Employers may check and pay the levy here.
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  • Refund of Man-Year Entitlements (MYE) for Construction Firms

Due to work disruptions, employers are eligible for a refund of unused MYE.

Applications can be made to BCA.

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  • Temporary Housing Support (THS)

This scheme is eligible for employers with workers who are affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) where individuals are not allowed to travel in and out of the country for the time being. Employers may apply here. Application is opened until 30 June 2020.

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The support programme is for businesses and self-employed persons who are affected by the LOA/SHN due to COVID-19. Application may be submitted within 90 days from the individual’s last day of LOA/SHN.

  1. Employers with workers in Healthcare, Education and Eldercare Sectors
  2. Employers with workers in All Other Sectors
  3. Self-Employed Person in Healthcare, Education and Eldercare Sectors
  4. Self-Employed Person in All Other Sectors

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  • Jobs Support Scheme

In helping businesses to retain local employees (Singaporean and Permanent Resident) amid this challenging time, the Jobs Support Scheme provides wage support to employers. About 75 per cent of wages on the first $4,600 of a worker’s gross monthly pay in April and May 2020 will be received by the employer.

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  • Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (SIRS)

To assist the self-employed whose income has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, this scheme provides $3000 each, for qualified individuals, in the month of May, July and October 2020.

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  • Point-to-Point Package

Under this package is the Special Relief Fund that provides support for full-time taxi drivers and private-hire car drivers. Eligible drivers can receive up to $20 daily per vehicle for three months.
Kindly refer to respective operators for info on support.

Download the compiled list and share this forward to a business owner or your self-employed friend whom you know can benefit from the schemes and grants. If you know of someone in need of mental health support or financial, here is a list of resources to help them tide through. Let’s continue to lookout for one another in this challenging time and together, we can overcome!