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Bridging the digital divide for all Singaporeans

26 Aug 2020 < 1 min read

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The PAP Government aims to bridge the digital divide by ensuring all Singaporeans have a baseline level of affordable digital access and skills. 

In his addendum to the President’s address, Minister for Communications and Information (MCI) Mr S Iswaran announced that the National Library Board (NLB), which has expanded its focus beyond promoting reading to preparing Singaporeans for a digital future, will roll out a five-year Libraries and Archives Plan in the first quarter of 2021.

NLB will also improve access to services for segments of the society, such as working professionals, who require more curated resources for learning and skills development, said Mr Iswaran.

“MCI aims to enable every Singaporean to thrive in a digital society. We will ensure that all Singaporeans have a baseline level of affordable digital access, especially vulnerable groups such as low-income seniors and families,” he said.

MCI’s other plans include:

  • Strengthening cybersecurity for Singapore’s Critical Information Infrastructure -systems providing essential services
  • Expanding the reach and impact of public education campaigns to equip Singaporeans with information and media literacy skills to protect themselves online
  • Strengthening social cohesion and trust in the Government through timely, accessible and inclusive government communications
  • Promoting a vibrant ecosystem for digital transformation through international connectivity, progressive regulation, and public-private partnerships
  • Collaborating with academia, industry and other partners to strengthen R&D and translation capabilities, particularly in data, AI, cybersecurity, media and communications technology

Image credit: Iswaran’s Facebook