Building a community @ Chong Pang

13 Aug 2019 2 min read


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Chong Pang branch sees the participation of young volunteers, who are active and committed to serving with various programmes for the residents.

Eddie Sim, Assistant Branch Secretary for Chong Pang shares that the programmes organized at Chong Pang not only serve the needs of its residents, but also fosters community spirit.

Among the regular programmes in the Chong Pang community is Project Trim, a quarterly initiative that provides free haircuts for students and seniors. The haircut sessions, which have been ongoing since 2017 are held just before the start of a new school term, so that students will have fresh new looks ready for school!

Project Trim sees the participation of hairdressers and barbers in Chong Pang, some of them who are Chong Pang residents themselves. 

Eddie who is also the Young PAP Chairperson for the branch says that the programmes organised at the branch brings the residents closer. “The programmes we organise definitely bring the Chong Pang community together. Residents will form social connections, whether amongst themselves or even with our activists at the branch. These connections that are forged also motivates us to organise better events for our residents to come together,” said Eddie.

They also have an annual programme – Project Health, which brings together professionals to advise and share with residents about health issues such as diabetes, traditional Chinese medicine and also dementia. These programmes are always organised together with Community partners, “for that is the way to cultivate a society that cares for one another,” said Eddie.