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PAP Women’s Wing raises more than $630,000 to uplift mothers and children in need

12 May 2023 2 min read

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In commemoration of Mother’s Day this year, the People’s Action Party (PAP) Women’s Wing (WW), in partnership with the PAP Community Foundation (PCF), raised more than $630,000 for mothers and children in need; and unveiled a digital collection of family recipes contributed by the community. These initiatives honour the important role of mothers; and continue the Wing’s efforts to champion women’s development in Singapore.

Speaking at the Women’s Wing’s annual Mother’s Day Celebration event, PAP Women’s Wing Chairwoman Sim Ann said, “Mothers are foundational to the family. Each year, the PAP Women’s Wing seeks to honour mothers in their multiple roles, be it caregiving, breadwinning, or nurturing. With cost of living being a major concern here and now, we have rallied our partners and supporters to do more for mothers who could use some extra help with their household budgets, over and beyond official assistance schemes. Some of the help will be given directly to mothers, while some will be directed to children – all from households that our women activists are committed to reach out to and engage.”

In conjunction with Mother’s Day 2023, the PAP Women’s Wing partnered the PAP Community Foundation to raise $637,000 with the support of donors including Sheng Siong and NTUC Fairprice. Under this Mothers and Children Package, assistance in the form of supermarket vouchers will be disbursed to beneficiaries through joint identification and engagement by PCF and PAP volunteers.

At the same event, the Women’s Wing also unveiled the Digital Cherished Family Recipe Collection – a collection of 60 inter-generational recipes contributed by long-time community volunteers. The recipes feature heritage delicacies from Hakka abacus seeds, kueh ondeh ondeh, to lesser-known dishes like porcupine meatballs. Each dish is accompanied by personal memories of the contributors. For a start, 15 recipes have been released, with the rest to be progressively released over the year.

PAP Women’s Wing Vice-Chairwoman and Organising Chair of the Women’s Wing Mother’s Day Celebration 2023, Low Yen Ling, shared, “Food is a common Singapore passion that unites us all. It is also a mother’s love language. From birth, our mothers nourish and sustain us. And even till we are old, our mothers will always make sure we are well fed. With this collection of specially curated recipes, we pay homage to all mothers for their love, dedication and sacrifices. We hope these treasured recipes will bring many families together as they relish the dishes and honour their mothers, whose love is the key ingredient that’s made their lives extra special. We wish all mothers a very happy, meaningful and memorable Mother’s Day.”

For more information, visit Digital Cherished Family Recipe Collection.

Refer to PAP Women’s Wing Chairwoman Sim Ann’s welcome address.