Parliament Highlights – 13 February 2019

13 Feb 2019 2 min read


MPs speak up on support for elderly and caregivers

The Ministry of Health and partner agencies will launch the Caregiver Support Action Plan as the nation’s populace ages.

This was announced by Senior Minister of State for Law and Health, Mr Edwin Tong, in response to the motions on support for caregivers and ageing with purpose that were debated in Parliament on 13 February 2019

PAP.SG (PAP Seniors Group) had ealier presented its paper, ‘Empowering Us to Live with Purpose and Dignity in Our Senior Years.

PAP.SG Vice-Chairmen, Henry Kwek and Ms Joan Pereira also spoke in parliament, advocating for seniors in Singapore.

Among the issues that they raised were more work and volunteering opportunities for seniors and options for assisted living including transforming HDB flats into a senior group home.

The action plan which will kick off progressively this year, consists of five key themes:
1.            Care navigation
2.            Financial support
3.            Workplace support
4.            Caregiver respite
5.            Caregiver empowerment and training

Mr Tong explained that the action plan reflects the Government’s commitment to strengthen support for senior caregiving, and the whole-of-society effort to partner caregivers in their caregiving journeys. “Each of us must do our part to recognise, value, support and celebrate caregiver,” he added.

Preparing Singapore’s public transport system against a terror incident

Senior Minister of State for Transport Janil Puthucheary said in Parliament that there is ongoing work to increase awareness and preparedness against the possibility of a terrorist attack on Singapore’s public transport system.

Emphasising that public transport facilities are attractive targets for terrorist elements due to their vulnerability and potential for mass casualties, Dr Janil also noted that the Land Transport Authority and public transport operators are working together closely with the Home Team to increase security awareness and strengthen emergency preparedness among the public transport community.

Drawing examples from the ongoing efforts such as the recent simulated terrorist attacks at Tampines West MRT station last month, Dr Janil reiterated that such exercises are necessary. “This is at the heart of the larger SGSecure movement that the public transport community is trying to play its part in.”