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Parliament Highlights – 15 January 2019

16 Jan 2019 2 min read

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Singapore’s security agencies exercising restraint: Ng Eng Hen

Singapore’s security agencies have been ordered to exercise restraint, to not jeopardise conditions that are necessary for ‘constructive discussions and peaceful resolution’ of the ongoing dispute between Singapore and Malaysia.

Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen also shared in Parliament that Singapore’s security personnel have repeatedly pressed Malaysian government vessels to withdraw from Singapore’s waters.

In response to the recent visit of the Johor Chief Minister Mr Osman Sapian, Dr Ng said that Singapore’s Police Coast Guard and the Republic of Singapore Navy had responded prompty to the provocation. He added that these provocations ‘do nothing to help resolve disputes and can precipitate incidents on the ground.’

MSF: Transnational marriages are resilient

Minister of State for Social and Family Development Mr Sam Tan said that transnational marriages are as resilient as marriages between citizens.

Singapore recognises that marriages between Singapore citizens and non-residents face unique challenges and there have been initiatives by the MSF to help such couples through programmes such as the Marriage Preparation Programme, Marriage Support Programme and Friendship Programme.

MSF is also reviewing these programmes to make it better.

Penalties for flat buyers cancelling flat bookings

900 HDB flat buyers had cancelled their BTO flat bookings in 2018, mainly due to a change in housing plans.

Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said in Parliament that buyers who cancel their flat booking before signing the Agreement Lease forfeit their booking fee which ranges between $500 and $2000.

If buyers cancel their booking after signing the Agreement lease, they would have to pay a forfeit of five percent of the flat price and wait a year before they can apply for another subsidised flat.

Mr Wong added, “These measures are in place to ensure that buyers are serious when they apply for a flat and do not deprive others who are in urgent need of buying a flat.”