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Partnering you towards SG100

21 Nov 2016 2 min read

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Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

The People’s Action Party turns 62 today.

The efforts undertaken over the past sixty years to transform this tiny nation-state of ours into a world-class metropolis and home is very much evident today.

When we separated from Malaysia in 1965, nobody gave us much of a chance to survive. But survive we did, through the sheer hard work and fortitude of our people, and the foresight of a pioneer group of leaders led by our founding Prime Minister and Secretary-General, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who rallied Singaporeans to unite and together overcome the daunting challenges.

We overcame our challenges and thrived as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion. We blossomed into a First World nation and celebrated 50 years of glorious nationhood last year. 

As we embark on our next lap towards SG100, the global challenges and uncertainties have become more acute and dynamic. The external geopolitical shifts and our internal socio-economic challenges will require us to stay nimble to chart our course most carefully in the coming years. The deep divide in the US, the evolving socio-economic challenges of China and the future of the EU will all impact us. As our population ages and our economy matures, we will need to prepare well ahead to take care of ourselves as our united people.

As a fledgling nation, we have experienced many ups and downs – the pullout of British forces in the sixties, the oil crisis of the 70s, the global recession of the eighties, the Asian financial crisis of the nineties and the subprime crisis of 2008. We have faced many crises in every decade. Although these events were beyond our control, the shared experience tempered us and made us even stronger.  The PAP government proactively stepped up its efforts, at every defining moment to protect the livelihood and improve the lives of all Singaporeans, because we cared. The altruistic principles laid down by our founding leaders have guided the country and the Party.

We are optimistic about the future of Singapore. There are plans in place to help Singaporeans to chase their rainbows and seize opportunities. There are bright spots in the economy that we must tap on. The PAP has put in place a comprehensive strategy to help all sectors of the economy and our workers. 

The PAP will continue to serve Singaporeans with humility and passion.Singaporeans, young and old; the able and disabled have placed their trust in us and hope that we will do the best for them and their children. We have, and will continue to do so.  We must continue to uphold our core values to have a multi-racial, meritocratic Singapore. That’s our promise to all Singaporeans. 

Come partner us in our efforts to make Singapore a place to live, learn, prosper and grow old gracefully. There will be opportunities aplenty despite the current challenges. We must be ready and build on our capabilities, so that we can progress together as a nation, as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion.

Majulah PAP! Majulah Singapura!


Chan Chun Sing
Organising Secretary
Chairman, PAP HQ EXCO