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Party Conference and Rally 2014: Speech by Cynthia Mark

22 Dec 2014 < 1 min read

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Excerpt of speech by Ms Cynthia Mark of the YOUNG PAP at the PAP60 Party Rally on Sunday, 7 December 2014.

“The PAP started with a group of young men and women with impossible dreams and big ideas. Today, there are many of us both young men and women in the Young PAP and we are calling for action.

“Come forward if you have a burning fire to challenge the norm.

“Come forward if you want to build this land of hope and ideals. Come forward if you believe in equality, sustainable green development and a society that self-organises for the common good.

“Politics is a calling unlike any other. It calls not just to Ministers and MPs, but to all of us! This journey is not going to be easy….”

For the full text of the speech click here