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People’s Action Party Resolution 2013

08 Dec 2013 2 min read

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We, members of the People’s Action Party, dedicate ourselves to upholding our democratic socialist ideals, serving our nation and improving Singaporeans’ lives. We resolve to strengthen our Singaporean identity, where people of different races, religions and backgrounds live harmoniously together, embrace one another as fellow citizens and work together for a better Singapore.

We resolve to create Opportunities for all Singaporeans to build a better life. We must sustain a vibrant economy, enabling quality jobs and improving living standards for all.

We resolve to uphold an Open and Compassionate Meritocracy, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. In Singapore, a child’s family circumstances or social background must not determine his or her success in life. We will strive to preserve social mobility so that all Singaporeans, regardless of social backgrounds, can succeed in diverse fields.

We resolve to build a Fair and Just Society, which shares the benefits of progress with all Singaporeans. We rely on free markets to grow the pie but will moderate its excesses. We will complement individual responsibility with government action and community support to uplift those
with less. We support a progressive system of benefits and taxes to enable all to enjoy quality education, good housing and affordable healthcare. We will honour our seniors, and will help them to stay active and achieve greater security.

We resolve to develop a Democracy of Deeds, and nurture a sense of collective responsibility and community action. We strive for a society where citizenship embodies a duty to one another and our community.

We resolve to be a Responsive and Responsible Government. We will be responsive, to tackle immediate challenges; and responsible, to look beyond the immediate and create long term, sustained success for Singapore. We represent the diverse aspirations of Singaporeans. We govern with integrity and will never tolerate corruption.

At this 2013 Party Convention, we pledge ourselves anew to our Cause – to build a better Singapore, for Singaporeans and with Singaporeans.