Preparing for the new normal: Job Opportunities and Skills Upgrading

01 Jun 2020 3 min read


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Tomorrow marks the end of Circuit Breaker, but as Singapore reopens cautiously in three phases, some workers and businesses may still feel the pinch from the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. The recent Fortitude Budget announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Heng Swee Keat focused on supporting workers and businesses to gain job opportunities and employment while the economy continues to recover.

Below is a list of references to get you started and prepared for a potential career or opportunity, whether you were recently let go from your job, a fresh graduate or looking to hire.


This grant was introduced to support Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents who have lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the evolving crisis, the grant that saw 48,000 applicants has been extended to cover individuals placed on no-pay leave or those who are expected to see a significant reduce in their salaries in months to come.

Beneficiaries will receive $800 a month for three months.

For more info: Ministry of Social and Family Development


For Jobseekers

  • Career Portal is more than just a platform for job applications. On top of a new feature that can spot mistakes on your resume, the portal also offers industry insights with tips such as how to better prepare for an online job interview.

  • Career Advice

With the current economic climate, taking the next step towards building your career can feel confusing. Know that you are not alone, and help is a click away.

  • Virtual Career Fair

Take the opportunity to interact with potential employers to inquire more about the job. The virtual career fair enables you to apply for immediate vacancies.

Here for more info.

  • Virtual Workshops and Seminars

Learn about your preferred industry and how you can better position yourself for the job that you want, now online!

Here for more info.

For Employers

  • Virtual Career Fair

The virtual career fair matches best suited applicants to jobs. Find potential candidates for vacant job opportunities at your company.

Here for more info.

  • Host Companies

If you are a company who would like to give opportunities to fresh graduates under the SGUnited Traineeship Programme, this is for you. The programme that lasts up to 12 months for fresh graduates will help individuals develop their talent and relevant industry-skills as they prepare for when they economy is more stable for employment opportunities. 80% will be co-funded by WSG for the qualifying training allowance, for companies to offer the opportunities.

Here for more info.

  • Enhanced Hiring Incentive

While this measure will be expanded to cover a wider range of age for workers, higher support is given to companies hiring mature workers. Companies that hire local mature workers aged 40 and above through reskilling and training programme can receive up to 40% of salary support for six months

Here for more info.


For Fresh Graduates

  • R & D Traineeship

Among the industry that is offering traineeship for fresh graduates in preparing them for their career includes the R & D sector. Graduates can look forward to experiencing the field with companies like A*STAR research institutes, AI Singapore, and local deep-tech start-ups through SG Innovate.

Here for more info.

  • SGUnited Traineeship Programme

Fresh graduates from ITE, Polytechnics, Universities and other private educational institutions in 2019 or 2020 are eligible for the traineeship programme. The offer that provides industry experience across various sectors will help to develop individual’s skills professionally for up to 12 months. Students who have graduated or had recently complete National Service may also apply.

Here for more info.

For Mid-Career (40s and above)

  • SGUnited Skills Programme

Unemployed mid-career individuals can look forward to gaining relevant industry experience and boost their employability through this programme.

Here for more info.

For the Self-Employed

  • SEP Training Support Scheme

This scheme was introduced to help self-employed individuals to earn while they go through trainings. The upgrading of skills and trainings not only assist to supplement their income but enable them to continue to stay relevant in the industry for after the pandemic period.

Here for more info.

There are plenty of opportunities to consider and the Government has also encouraged to take advantage of the schemes and grants available. As it will be a while before the economy recovers, this is the time to upgrade one’s skills to better equip self for the new normal. You may download the compiled list here and share it forward to someone who could benefit as well.

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