Punggol Digital District: Towards a Smart Nation

17 Jan 2020 1 min read


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A lamp post smart enough to adjust its lighting intensity accordingly to reduce energy consumption – this is what Punggol residents can look forward to, progressively, when the Punggol Digital District (PDD) opens in 2023.

PDD is set to be Singapore’s first sustainable and smart town with energy efficiency buildings that are 30 per cent more than conventional commercial buildings.

The district provides a test-bed for innovations to encourage creativity in the digital economy. This district will connect 12,000 students with industry partners and provide 28,000 jobs.

Officiating the opening of PDD Exhibition earlier this morning, Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean said , “From the new developments here in Punggol, we aim to stretch the boundaries of what is possible with smart city technology, build on these experiences, and demonstrate what a future Singapore can be as a Smart Nation.”

PDD also takes pride in being kind to the environment such as incorporating ‘farm to fork’ concept of growing and consuming local fresh produce. Urban farming will be a ‘thing’ in Punggol as one of the methods to emit less carbon footprint as the food travels at a much shorter distance.

The masterplan will also be better connected to the rest of Singapore with two MRT and two LRT lines – Punggol MRT, Punggol Coast MRT, Teck Lee LRT and Punggol Point LRT.

It certainly is a model town to look forward as Singapore progresses towards being a Smart Nation.