Quality and affordable education for all Singaporeans

18 Aug 2019 < 1 min read


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To ensure that every young Singaporean succeeds, the Government will continue to invest in its people, to ensure quality and affordable education.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech shared that the Government will continue to make preschools more affordable, with parents receiving significant subsidies for childcare, and lower income parents receiving substantially more.

“We want to start earlier in a child’s life, because these years make a big difference to his development. Parents play an important role. But a good preschool education can make a big difference,” Mr Lee emphasised.

PM Lee also announced that the income ceiling for preschool subsidies will be raised to $12,000. Starting from 2020, this move will benefit 30,000 more households. He also added that the quantum of preschool subsidies will also increase.

For students in universities, Government bursaries will be increased to 75%, up from the current 50%. Students enrolled in polytechnic diploma programmes can also look forward to bursaries of up to 95%.  With 6 in 10 students in polytechnics and university eligible for government bursaries, Mr Lee said that these enhancements will benefit many students from middle income families.

These bursary enhancements will take effect the next academic year.

“The point of these changes to fees and bursaries is not just the dollars and cents, we are determined to make our education system as accessible as possible,” said Mr Lee.

He emphasised, “We want every Singaporean son and daughter to have the opportunity to receive a good education, and start well in life, regardless of family circumstances.”

PM Lee also mentioned that students should neither feel disadvantaged or inferior comparing themselves to better-off classmates, nor should they be deterred from pursuing a course just because of money. “This is fundamental to maintaining Singapore as an open meritocracy,” he added.