S Iswaran: Important to verify information before sharing it

05 May 2020 < 1 min read


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Minister for Communications and Information S Iswaran said in Parliament that Government agencies have clarified about 40 instances of fake news on Covid-19.

These clarifications have been conveyed through the media and Government websites, social medias and also the Gov.sg WhatsApp and Telegram channels.

“Amid this crisis, our agencies have spared no effort to swiftly put out the facts to dispel confusion and calm anxieties fomented by such falsehoods,” said Mr Iswaran.

Mr Iswaran also said that quick action will be taken when misinformation is brought to attention.

Mr Iswaran emphasised, “It is of utmost importance, especially at a time of crisis like this, that each and every one of us does the right thing by checking that the messages we receive come from reliable sources, and make the effort to verify a claim or piece of information before sharing it.”