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Saving lives and protecting livelihoods

09 Jun 2020 2 min read

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The world is facing one of its biggest crisis in several generations.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) continues to spread around the world. Over six million people have been infected and about 400,000 have died. These numbers are still rising.

The virus has impacted both lives and livelihoods.

Many countries have had to shut down a large part of their economies. The world faces a recession.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that Asia will see zero growth in 2020 – the worst growth performance in 60 years.

Singapore is also headed for our worst recession since Independence – our (GDP) is expected to shrink by four to seven per cent.

In Singapore, we have managed to deal with the virus so far. Our fatality rate from Covid-19 is among the lowest in the world. We have 4.38 fatalities per million population*.

The Government has also dealt with the outbreak among foreign workers in their dormitories.

We have to help Singaporean workers and businesses. They have been badly affected by Covid-19. Close to $100 billion has been announced to help Singaporeans and businesses.

To finance the budgets, we are drawing up to $52 billion from past reserves to enable Singaporeans to tide through this crisis and emerge stronger.

The fight against Covid-19 could be tough and long. In these trying times, Singaporeans from all walks of life have responded to the crisis with unity, resilience and in solidarity, and at the same time looking after the more vulnerable members of our society. We must continue to fight the virus, while making sure people’s livelihoods are protected. We ask for your strong support for this.

As a government, we need to act fast and decisively – to take bold measures and work closely with you to see us through the challenges to come. Over the decades of our nation building, successive PAP Governments have taken Singapore through various crises, to improve Singaporeans’ lives for the long term, and to build a unique and successful country that is united and cohesive. We have also built up the resources and reserves, be it financially or medically, for scenarios like this. We do everything possible to help Singapore ride through this storm.

I am confident that we will overcome and emerge stronger together as Singapore United, Singapore Together.

K Shanmugam
People’s Action Party
9 June 2020

*Note:  This is based on the current 25 fatalities and 5.7 million population in 2019. An earlier version of the mailer reported as less than four fatalities per two million population. We are sorry for the error.