Time is running out. Will you do your part?

13 Dec 2019 2 min read


Just last month, over 11,000 scientists declared that the world is in a “climate emergency”. The PAP Government is doing its best to lay a strong foundation for our future generations and equip them with adequate resources and capabilities to tackle climate change. We have embarked on long-term plans to strengthen Singapore against potential climate change effects.

We need to do our part as one Singapore. As the Government, we have consistently worked to build a more sustainable living environment by putting in place policies and plans, such as the Climate Action Plan and the Zero Waste Masterplan. We have set an ambitious target to reduce the amount of incinerated waste sent to Semakau Landfill by 30 per cent, by 2030. This is ambitious, but not impossible.

To achieve this, we will need everyone to play their part — businesses, communities and households. All of us will need to make an effort to live more mindfully, and think about our impact on our environment. This has to be done, for the future of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Already we are seeing great support and participation in our sustainability efforts. Major companies have moved to reduce the excessive use of disposables, and are reviewing their processes to move towards more sustainable production and consumption. Civil society groups are also helping to educate and encourage individuals to reduce, reuse and recycle right. All these acts may seem small, but together they will help ensure a more sustainable living environment for the long term.

As a party, the PAP will continue to work together with you, to co-create solutions to improve the way we live. We want to ensure a sustainable future for you and for your children.

The simplest act begins from ourselves. This festive season, do spread the message of sustainability to your family and friends, and gift responsibly.

I wish you and your loved ones a happy 2020.