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Training safety is SAF’s top priority

01 Mar 2019 < 1 min read

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The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is reviewing its regulations and processes to strengthen its safety culture, said Senior Minister of State for Defence Mr Heng Chee How in Parliament.

In the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) Committee of Supply speech, Mr Heng said all high-risk and field trainings will be inspected for safety compliance. High-risk training includes overseas exercises and live firing, while field training includes field and tactical manoeuvres. Previously, inspections were done for all high-risk training but only some field training.

These inspections will be done by one of three levels of the Army safety audit and training inspection system. Additionally, the newly formed Inspector-General Office (IGO) will also conduct independent audits and inspections to ensure that the SAF’s safety policy and objectives are being implemented effectively.

“Commanders have comprehensively reviewed safety management plans and the overall training tempo. They know that they must lead by example in driving safety as a topmost priority,” Mr Heng said.

“We want, through concrete action, to reassure Singaporeans that training safety is a top priority for MINDEF and the SAF.”

Image Credit: MINDEF Singapore