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Youth Activism @ Tampines North

15 Jul 2019 2 min read


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Community-based programmes to engage and involve residents form the bedrock of the various activities available at the Tampines North PAP Branch.

At this branch, the youths are active and are fully hands-on in the various community programmes that they lead. Here, the Young PAP (YP) activists helmed two projects in particular, Homework Help and Supper Jio Jio.

Through Homework Help, activists and residents assemble every week to volunteer and help students with their homework and revision. In fact, more than 60% of the volunteers are residents of Tampines North themselves! The volunteers reach out to families and students on social media and also during weekly meet-the-people sessions to provide guidance in academic matters.

This programme kicked off in January 2018, with a healthy roster of 25 volunteers who see 10-12 students during the weekly sessions. Even during the school holidays, there will be volunteers on standby to assist the students and  to review their lessons.

Supper Jio Jio (jio means to invite) began earlier this year, for youths in Tampines to come together to have conversations about life in Singapore, and the concerns and challenges that they face.

Angela Kwok, Chairperson for YP at Tampines North says that there are a lot of opportunities for youth in Tampines North to actively be engaged in the community.

Photos from Tampines North Facebook Page