On the right track to tackle diabetes
PUBLISHED ON 30 Nov 2018
Singapore’s approach in tackling diabetes is in the right direction, said Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong.

Giving his closing remarks at the end of the two-day Ministerial Conference on Diabetes on 27 November 2018, Mr Gan pointed out that countries must be prepared to take decisive action in their fight against diabetes.

“This means moving fast, as well as having the courage to persevere and do things that may be difficult or painful at times but are important and beneficial in the long term.”

In 2016, Singapore declared a war on diabetes. Almost half a million Singaporeans live with diabetes, higher than the global prevalence.

Mr Gan also warned that the war on diabetes will be a long one, as opposed to a “quick battle”.

“The real results of the efforts in the war on diabetes are not going to be felt. It’s going to be five, 10, 15 years later, because habits are difficult to change. Even if you change habits, the outcome of your health will not be immediate,” he explained.

Photo from Ministry of Health