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PPF’s new council to continue momentum and raise awareness

20 Oct 2014 < 1 min read

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The 6th PAP Policy Forum (PPF) Council, comprising 25 elected council members, was formed after the PPF’s biennial elections on October 18, 2014 at the PAP HQ.

At the helm of the 6th PPF Council is Chairman Benjamin Tay, 35, from Woodgrove branch.

He shared: “As Chairman, I will continue the work of the PPF where we provide ideas and feedback from the ground to shape and improve policies. The PPF provides an important platform for party members to exchange views and discuss policy issues with party leaders. This will help to improve our members’ understanding of policy considerations, and also strengthen the policy-making process by having such dialogues as a resource and sounding board.”

The 25 new council members were elected out of PPF members nominated by the PAP branches, Young PAP and Women’s Wing. They will lead the PPF for a two-year term, from Oct 2014 to Sep 2016. The Council plays an important role in ensuring that the PPF provides an effective platform for members to voice their opinions on national policies that matter to Singaporeans.

Click here for the list of members elected for the council.

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