The PAP Seniors Group (PAP.SG) is an interest group, not a group of old people. It is a group which will champion elderly causes. It will work on issues which affect the lives of our elderly - their quality of life, their care and security; which it will work with PCF to pilot new solutions to eldercare needs; and which will engage senior party activists, so we can use their experience to mentor younger officers.

– Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Party Convention 2013


To signal our Party’s intent to focus and care for the growing population of elderly in Singapore.

The group will focus on:

  • a) Advocacy for cross-cutting issues that impact on our elders’ quality of life, care and security
  • b) Activities and actions to promote volunteerism and active contributions to the community, especially in the care of the elderly; and
  • c) Maintain links with senior party activists and leverage on their experience to mentor new activists where suitable

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