Party Whip's letter to PAP MPs
PUBLISHED ON 09 Feb 2018
Party Whip Chan Chun Sing has issued a letter to all PAP Members of Parliament as a guide for Meet the People Session (MPS) letters on matters before the law.
He stated that the separation of powers between the Executive (i.e the Government), Legislature (i.e Parliament) and Judiciary (i.e the Courts) is a fundamental principle in Singapore's political system, and emphasised that the PAP Government has always upheld this separation rigourously, and will continue to do so.
He reminded the MPs to 'not do anything that may give rise to any misperception that they can influence or interfere in the judicial process'.
He wrote, "The Courts are in the best position to evaluate, holistically and impartially, the evidence presented and the merits of a case. The Courts have clear and strict procedures to uphold the independence and integrity of the judicial process. The separation of powers has never been in question even when the Courts have received a letter from an MP, directly or indirectly.
He also reminded his PAP MPs not to write to the Courts on behalf of their constituents so as to avoid any doubt or public misperception. And if constituents come to them with issues pertaining to the Courts, the Party Whip instructed the MPs to write to Ministry of Law on procedural issues and the Attorney General's Chambers on prosecutorial issues. He reiterated that this practice will remain.

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