PAP and NTUC to strengthen relations
PUBLISHED ON 24 Nov 2017
Secretary-General and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said during the PAP Awards and Convention on 19 November that the PAP has always had a close, symbiotic relationship with the unions.

Over the decades, SG Lee said that the PAP and the Labour Movement have stood together through many difficult times including economic recessions, the Asian Financial Crisis and the SARS epidemic. “Because we stayed together, the country thrived, and the people’s lives improved.”
Emphasising on PAP’s long standing principal to introduce policies with the workers’ interests at heart, SG Lee said that the relationship between PAP and the unions is even more crucial in times of economic destruction.

“Some industries will see job losses even if we create new jobs and opportunities. Workers will need all the help that the unions can give them. Unions will need to work with the PAP Government, so that we can develop effective policies to help workers, to enable Singaporeans to weather the changes, to do the new jobs better,” said SG Lee.

Brother David Tay an activist and a unionist who spoke during the convention said, “NTUC and PAP must work together to serve Singaporeans together.” He urged PAP comrades and sisters and brothers from the labour movement to strengthen bonds by learning together, by planning together to better understand the concerns and aspirations of Singaporeans.

Image from: PM Lee's Facebook page