Stay united and work together
PUBLISHED ON 04 Jan 2019
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on Singaporeans to stay united, and work together resolutely to strengthen and renew Singapore's social compact in his New Year’s Message.

He spoke about external and domestic events as well as leadership transition.

On the topic of leadership transition, PM Lee noted significant headway has been made whereby younger political office holders are being exposed to different responsibilities. He noted that the younger leaders have settled on Mr Heng Swee Keat as their leader, and supported Mr Heng’s choice of having Mr Chan Chun Sing as his deputy.

Describing this as a good outcome, PM Lee explained that this gives Singaporeans and foreigners confidence that Singapore will be in good hands over the long term.

On the domestic front, PM Lee said Singapore has been making progress in healthcare, education, housing, and transport.

“The economy has grown, unemployment remains low, and incomes have risen across the board. We have created good jobs, and prepared people for them through education and SkillsFuture. Crucially, the Government is focussed on people’s concerns, and working with citizens to create a better tomorrow for all,” he added.

On the international stage, PM Lee noted how Singapore caught the world’s attention in June, when the Republic hosted the Summit between US President Trump and DPRK Chairman Kim. And as chair of ASEAN, Singapore launched practical initiatives to enhance regional stability and integration.

Commenting on relations with Malaysia, PM Lee said Singapore hopes to maintain a constructive partnership with its nearest neighbour. While several difficult issues have arisen in bilateral relations, PM Lee said Singapore will deal with it calmly and constructively while preserving the overall relationship with Malaysia.

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