PPF elects new council
PUBLISHED ON 01 Oct 2016
PPF elects new council

The 7th PPF Council election was held on 1 October 2016. A total of 25 members were elected to the council for a two year term.

They are, from left: (back row) Sujatha Selvakumar, Lenny Lim, Chay Yiowmin, Edward See, Amrin Amin (PPF Second Advisor), David Koh, Kenneth Yeo, Nicole Peta Leong, Leong Yi Xing (Assistant Treasurer), Clement Lim, Seow Shin Horng (Treasurer), Alex Soh, Steven Seow, Steven Yeo (Vice-Chairman); (front row) Benjamin Tan, Benjamin Tay (Chairman), Eunice Lim (Assistant Secretary), Lee Junior (Vice-Chairman), Jedi Pan, Chua Wei-Shan, Theodora Lai Xiyi (Assistant Secretary), Zizie Zuzantie (Secretary).

Absent with apologies: Aaron Boo, Sim Hsien Zheng, Jude Tan, Yvonne Tang.