Providing better health care for patients
PUBLISHED ON 10 Nov 2017
In a bid to provide comprehensive and better health care for patients, the Ministry of Health will introduce a Healthcare Services Bill next year.

This announcement was made by Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong at the first FutureHealth Conference on 8 November 2017.

The move will require all healthcare institutions in Singapore to contribute data to the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR). Currently, contribution is voluntary with most public health institutions contributing patient data. However, only three per cent of private healthcare providers do so.

“Patients can only realise the full potential of the NEHR if the data is comprehensive. And for NEHR data to be comprehensive, every provider and healthcare professional needs to contribute relevant data to it,” Mr Gan said.

To defray the cost of upgrade and going digital, healthcare providers can tap on a funding programme for technical and clinical support. Set up in 2011, NEHR is a platform that collates patient records such as their medication and laboratory reports from different care providers.