Rail reliability improved in 2018: Khaw Boon Wan
PUBLISHED ON 02 Nov 2018
To achieve long-term rail reliability, Minister for Transport Mr Khaw Boon Wan said there is a need for operators, regulator and rail suppliers to work more closely together.

Speaking at the seventh Joint Forum on Infrastructure Maintenance on 2 November 2018, Mr Khaw who is also Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure, shared that the overall system had achieved 660,000 train-km between delays in the first three quarters of the year. Last year, the distance was 180,000 train-km.

Mr Khaw noted that 660,000 train-km was "two-thirds" to his target of 1,000,000 train-km between delays by 2020. "Any lapse in execution and we will lose the public confidence that we have painstakingly rebuilt," Mr Khaw said. "We must remain focused on our mission, to move commuters in a safe and reliable manner."