Amy Khor Lean Suan

"I have a vision for Hong Kah North - as a place where no one is left behind, but everyone progresses together, each at his own pace. I will do my best to understand your concerns and make a difference in your lives"


Amy Khor’s wish for Singapore is that this country remains a city of possibilities, where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their hopes and aspirations. 

Grateful for the support and stepping stones offered to her family by their community in her younger days, Amy was inspired to continue paying it forward to help uplift other Singaporeans in need. She heeded the call to join politics in 2001 with a desire to get involved in a more direct way.  

In her constituency at Hong Kah North, Amy prioritises help for her vulnerable residents and low-income families, introducing various schemes that offer additional support beyond government assistance – these range from student bursary awards, textbook vouchers, to food and grocery vouchers. She is also passionate about helping her seniors age healthily, actively and happily, launching Kampong Cafes at every precinct in her ward to provide dedicated spaces for them to gather, attend classes and interact. 

As Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, Amy works with stakeholders to promote Singapore’s zero waste vision and safeguard our environment and hawker culture. She drives similar efforts for sustainability in her constituency, and was the first MP in 2002 to raise awareness on environmental conservation through a Trash for Groceries initiative. More than twenty years on, this initiative has evolved to become the Hong Kah North Environment Day – a fun annual event that encompasses recycling and upcycling efforts, environmental education programmes and more. 

Under her Transport portfolio, Amy works on improving the taxi and private hire car industry and its services. She also looks into making our roads safer and friendlier for all. 

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Amy Khor Lean Suan