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Carrie Tan founded and led Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) – a charity organisation that enables livelihoods and financial self-sufficiency for underprivileged women in Singapore before entering politics. She sees her role as a parliamentarian as an extension of her community work – to speak up for those whose voices often go unheard, and influence policy-making to include more diverse perspectives.  

Carrie champions women’s development, mental wellness, social mobility and community care. In her current profession as a transformative coach, she speaks, writes, coaches and trains on self-awareness, self-leadership, authentic communication, emotional awareness, change-making and contributes regularly at leadership, philanthropy and policy conferences to advocate for greater awareness towards wellness and sustainable human progress.  

She has called for government to increase its support for caregivers. Carrie proposed an income top-up called Carefare for low-income full-time caregivers. She also advocates better care and mental health support to carers including educators and healthcare workers and capacity-building for the social services sector. She champions equipping parents in socio-emotional learning to support the mental health of children and youth.  

In her constituency at Nee Soon South, she has initiated various programs to support residents in these areas such as through a Mental Well-being Committee, a Diaper Support Program for the elderly, and also created an online show to share the voices of children in her advocacy of mindful parenting. 

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Carrie Tan Huimin